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Curtain walls systems
Curtain walls systems
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PROFILCO PR50 Standard
Curtain walls systems

Curtain walls systems

The WINMAN curtain walls are specially designed to fulfill the requirements of contemporary architecture. Based on your necessities, you can opt for the traditional grids or panel systems - in all their aesthetic versions- of for a modular facade, which allows a swift mounting.

All our systems are compatible with one another, allowing the windows, doors, facades and roofing systems to be used together, in order to result into a complete solution and a reliable design.

The WINMAN consultants will assist you from the design to the finishing stage, in order for you to make the best decision.

Complete facade solutions

The technological developments have completely changed the facades' role. Until recently, the facade used to be a mere separation between the exterior and the interior world. It is now an active module, interacting with the meteorological conditions. Nowadays, the facades must display features like: light transparency, ventilation, heat and noise.

The thermal and noise isolation are important aspects for today's buildings. Our  curtain walls, sun shades, windows and doors range configure the building's power energy saving and comfort management. Varying from high applications and store facades, to the roofing construction and windows, our system were developed and tested to be used in all environments.

Commercial buildings, hospitals and schools, apartments, public buildings, industrial projects and hotels - we have acquired an excellent reputation in all these sectors, for our services, quality, delivery and technical support.